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However, it's most important role remains communication, and the Internet has provided us with an ideal opportunity to do so. One such communication tool is the Web Site, which simply replaces the newspaper as a communication tool.

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Presently, almost every company has its own web site The following are specific ways information technologies being applied through agricultural education:. Preservice Teacher Education: 4Applications in Teaching Methods - Anyone who will be involved in teaching, whether in a formal setting like the public schools or in an informal setting like an extension workshop, needs to know how to incorporate information technology into their daily teaching. With fewer faculties available to supervise interns and added responsibilities, sometimes supervision needs to be done in an alternative way.

Professional Development: 4Alternative Certification Programs - In many countries, there is a shortage of teachers. These "beginning" teachers have no training in program planning or teaching methods, yet countries are willing to place them in classroom situations. With the wide array of information technologies available, teachers can complete courses from the convenience of their office or home and never have to set foot on campus again.

In order to take the real status of agricultural production and marketing, there is an urgent need to develop the following items:. The database includes the kinds of crops, the size of cultivated area, time of harvest and yield. Farmers or the extension personnel transmit those data via the Internet to a database server.

B.Tech in Agriculture Information Technology Syllabus, Jobs and Scope

There are many ways in which Information Technology can be used to exchange the information rather effectively through communication like information kiosks which provide not only the basic services like email, helps in education, health services, Agriculture and Irrigation, online trading, community services etc. The use of IT in agribusiness in some countries is quite advanced.

The situation in Sri Lanka is quite different, with low levels of computer literacy and usage in the farm sector, with technology transfer 'across the last mile' remaining the weakest link in the Sri Lanka. But farmers often go to great efforts to obtain better information, and much attention is being given by the Government and NGOs to the development of wireless networks, tele centers and other methods for promoting IT access and knowledge diffusion in the rural sector in Sri Lanka. Nevertheless, IT is likely to become increasingly important in innovation diffusion in agriculture, in both developed countries and in developing economies such as Sri Lanka.

In implementing policies to this end, Sri Lanka must give due attention to the complex interactions between the many players to the role of tacit knowledge and social actors, and to the low level of the IT literacy in the rural sector.

Lack of information at the proper time causes a huge loss to farmers. This gap in communication may be bridged by information technology. Information of the required quality always has the potential of improving efficiency in all spheres of agriculture.


In the context of rice processing industry the potential of information technology can be assessed broadly under two heads: a as a tool for direct contribution to rice milling productivity and b as an indirect tool for empowering millers to take informed and quality decisions which will have positive impact on the way rice processing and allied activities are conducted.

The techniques of remote sensing using satellite technologies, geographical information systems, and agronomy and soil sciences are used to increase the rice output. This approach is capital intensive and useful where large tracts of land are involved. The use of IT in agriculture has grown rapidly in the past few years.

It is increasingly being used to help managers make better decisions. However, IT and the problem facing decision makers are constantly changing. Thus, future information systems for research purposes will be significantly different than current systems because of these changes. IT has been one of the most aspired fields in today's world.

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Integrating IT with agriculture will help any country to regulate its overall economy and trade. Future Prospects www technology is expanding rapidly and touches almost all areas of human activity. Founded in , the university is based around a acre farm in Shropshire, England. It focuses on everything from food production to animal sciences, engineering and land management.

Simon Blackmore is head of robotic agriculture at Harper Adams University. His research interests include precision farming, agricultural robots and smart machines. But, effectively, it comes down to people in the end. Mike Stern is head of the Climate Corporation.

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Markets Pre-Markets U. Key Points. A number of digital technologies — from autonomous robots that pick fruit to subterranean farms — are helping transform the agriculture industry.