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Click for more information. Metadata Title Principles of Microeconomics. Essentials of Microeconomics is an excellent introduction to microeconomics. It presents the basic tools of microeconomics clearly and concisely.


The book presents a vigorous treatment of all relevant introductory microeconomic concepts. The book also emphasizes on modern economics - game theory and imperfect markets.

Theories, models and assumptions. Model I of international trade: how countries trade what they have?

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Model II of international trade: how countries specialize? Some useful economic concepts. Week 2: The Demand The market. The model of perfect competition.

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Other market structures. The demand I : Introduction. The demand II : The unit-demand case. The demand III : The general case.

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Marginal utilities. Market demands. Linear demands. Movements and shifts. Week 3: The Supply The unit-supply case.

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  • The costs. The general case. Elasticities I : Definitions. Elasticities II : applications. Week 4: The equilibrium Definition.

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    The relevance of the equilibrium: logical and experimental support. Applications of the equilibrium I : comparative statics. Applications of the equilibrium II : welfare analysis.